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Your needs are at the center of our process. highdive knows that success goes beyond a sharp site; it means accomplishing your web-based business objectives. That's why a needs analysis is our first and most important step in our four-step process. Our process is straightforward to ensure your website is designed and developed on time and on budget.

Needs Analysis

Our first step is a needs analysis to find out how your site fits into your business strategy. It also clarifies your goals and what success looks like to you. This step shapes the creative strategy by defining the:

  • Project charter
  • Scope of work
  • Project objectives
  • Marketing & Communication objectives
  • Functional requirements
  • Target audience
  • Approval process
  • Budget
  • Timeline

Based on the needs analysis and the scope of the project, highdive typically gives the client 2-3 preliminary concepts to choose from. The next step is revising and refining the chosen concept into the final design.


Development is where it all comes together. Where design meets functionality. You can trust highdive to use proven tools, methods, and processes for error-proof applications. We write solid code, and make sure that anyone can pick it up and take it over at any time.

Test and Launch

We thoroughly test the site for you. Once you're happy and we're confident, we launch it for you.

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Promotion Services

Marketing support -- Virtual competition can be stiff. That's why we help drive traffic your way with advertising and search engine strategies.

Ongoing Support

The work doesn't stop when your site goes live. The Internet, like your business, is fluid. Your website needs to keep pace with the changing business landscape. We can help keep it fresh, informative, and ahead of the trends. Because we offer cafeteria-style services, you can contract with us for minor updates or major renovations. Big or small, we can help.

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