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Certainly no two businesses are alike. Similarly, the goals that can be reached through a website will not be the same. However, it helps to know that your company is in the hands of a reputable, capable web development firm.

Browse a few projects that are relevant to you, or request an example similar to your line of business. Our broad spectrum of customer-driven solutions, large and small, simple to complex, for businesses ranging from startup to well-established, may give you a feel for what we can do for you.

Customer-Driven Solutions

A simple brochure website. An information portal. Pictures. A whimsical announcement. Large or small, your project deserves (and gets!) our full attention.

You are an integral part of our process, so your website is as much a part of you as it is us. The 'team-approach' is what we enjoy most as it results in a better solution!

Pepsi Super Bowl (partnered with The Sourcing Group and BrandFlow Marketing)
Lace House Linen
Pepsi Summer Music (partnered with The Sourcing Group and BrandFlow Marketing)
Accuchex (partnered with BroadVision Marketing)
eVo & Associates
University of Washington - Center for Leadership in Athletics (internal site - most content restricted from public view)
RedDog Interactive
Marin Ballet
Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, SDC League Funds, and SDC Foundation
Wolverton Financial
MAD Architecture
T-Mobile Towers
Aging Solutions
Merrimak (partnered with CircaNow)
BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (partnered with Bullseye Creative)
Petaluma Small Craft Center
7-Eleven Canada Locator (Facebook application)
7-Eleven Canada Store Locator
Fashion Market Northern California
The British Toast Rack
Waldron & Company (partnered with Krimmelworks, designer)
7-Eleven Slurpee© (various)
Health Insurance Advocates
University of Washington - Department of Museology
Grant Elementary - Performig Arts Program
Sundquist Homes (partnered with Blend, designer)
University of Washington - Center for Leadership in Athletics
RedDot, Inc. (partnered with Blend, designer)
University of Washington - Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership
Hanson Consulting
Soma Training
HaloSource, HaloShield, SeaKlear, StormKlear, and HaloPure (partnered with Blend, designer)
Black Ball Construction
KG Investment (partnered with Blend, designer)
ARCS Foundation (partnered with Sarah Conradt, designer)
Sweet Life Tours
Seattle Science Foundation
SWAT Systems
Real Time Productions
Give Back
PMA Direct Marketing
EZ Office Carpet and Paint
Seattle Fire Department: Online Donations
Complete Health Chiropractic
TK Rentals
Gretchen's Shoebox Express
Art Xchange
Namaste Children's Fund
SIS (of Swedish Medical Center)
KCTS/9, Silent Killer Film and Buyer be Fair Film  ‡
Spirit Garden Design
Punkernoodle Baby
Sunset Hill Vet and Rehabilitation Center
Saving Water Partnership, Youth Website
Seattle Tank Services, Filco Environmental
City of Seattle, GIS Map Portal
Seattle Public Utilities, Online Map Purchase
Farmers Insurance, Seattle
Operation Nightwatch
First Sound Bank
Source Point Consulting
Inspirational Photography

Consulting Services
highdive is part of a great network of business consultants, graphic design firms, promotional companies, printers, SEO experts, even other web development firms. Oftentimes, they come to us to partner on a project, and together we deliver the best service, the best product, and one-stop-shopping for your guaranteed satisfaction.

Isn't it refreshing to know we play nicely with others?

Mix PR (teamed with Blend, graphic designers)
Ballard Animal Hospital (teamed with KBDesigns, graphic designers)
Promotional Currency (teamed with Ricks Communications, marketing)
Janeway Patent Law (teamed with Ricks Communications, marketing)
Pro-Fab, Incorporated (teamed with KBDesigns, graphic designers)
David Smith & Company (teamed with KBDesigns, graphic designers)
Caroline's Desserts (teamed with KBDesigns, graphic designers)
Yarmuth Wilsdon Calfo, PLLC (teamed with KBDesigns, graphic designers)
Spud Fish and Chips (teamed with Swing Creative, graphic designers)
Trinity Lutheran College  §(teamed with ImageInk Studios, graphic designers)
Hidden Valley Camp (teamed with KBDesigns, graphic designers)
Chez Chloe(teamed with KBDesigns, graphic designers)

Ongoing Application Development
A calendar of events. An addition to an online registration application. A Flash presentation of a great interview. It doesn't have to be a full website to make an impact on your customers. Responding to their needs every 30-, 60-, or 90- days with something they have requested keeps them coming back for more!

Seattle Counselors Association
7-11 Slurpee, Canada
Mockingbird Society

Past Clients

With a broad spectrum of clients (small, medium, and large, not-for-profit, global organizations, start-ups, and emerging) and projects of all sizes, rest assured that Highdive can jump in, work with your team in an effective way, and provide results form which you can build!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Associated General Contractors
City of Seattle
PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support)
Portalis Wine Shop
U-Build It (Seattle)
Greenlake Bar & Grill, Southlake Grill, Eastlake Bar & Grill
My Day Office
Realize Your Radiance
Beale Communications

....and many more!

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