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highdive believes every successful project starts with a conversation. Maybe it's over coffee…or a glass of wine…or hiking Mt. Tam. But it’s a real dialogue meant to uncover your goals, define your audience, determine their goals, and find where it all intersects. Once we identify your requirements and the scope of your project, we get to work designing and developing a technical solution to make it all happen.
highdive knows that effective website development is about more than just putting pretty pictures on a page. It’s “what’s smart” more than “what’s hot.” We challenge the status quo by asking “why?” and provide powerful and scalable solutions, with an effective user experience at the core. While we understand that it is important to ensure your Internet presence is a product of you (and looks GREAT), highdive is one step ahead of the curve as we also makes sure the site infrastructure is efficient, extensible, and extendable -- putting long-term control into the hands of our clients.
Meet the Founder
Cindi Hazel founded her web development firm in 1995 after an established career in software engineering, where she worked with global organizations such as MCI Telecommunications, Attachmate, and Airborne Express. She has spent more than 20 years creating powerful messaging and user-driven web applications for organizations, large and small, over a wide user base. Her hands-on work in website development as well as her understanding and work with business systems integration, backend database development, and server planning processes gives her a unique edge.
Cindi’s driving principles? Deliver great work, truly believe in what you do, and consistently exceed client expectations.
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